IP Phone Solutions

An IP phone also called a VoIP phone,

is a phone that uses internet protocol, rather than the circuit-switched PSTN. An IP phone connects through an Ethernet cable, rather than a phone jack, to the internet, where it connects to the IP address of either the VoIP provider or the hosted PBX provider. From a user’s perspective, it works just like a traditional phone, but better.

IP phones are capable of making SIP calls, meaning the use of Session Initiation Protocol, one kind of internet protocol, to connect to SIP addresses. A SIP address is like an email for your phone. In much the same way that email is free over the internet, a SIP-to-SIP call is free. The call must be made to the SIP address, not just a phone number of a provider that also uses SIP.

There are many factors to consider when switching to a VoIP phone system. One of the most common concerns for business owners when switching to VoIP, is What kind of quality to expect when using a business VoIP phone system? For most business owners, reliability and quality are two of the main concerns. Previous perceptions have gradually changed as present technology has substantially improved and streamlined the processes in VoIP. Here are some of the possible issues to look out for that may affect the reliability and quality of you VoIP system.

  • Bandwidth
  • Equipment
  • Weather Conditions
  • Link Efficiency

Services we provide with IP Phone solutions:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Team Chat
  • Contact Center
  • Texting / SMS
  • Training and customization